encuentro left_brandon inside the barrell

Playa Encuentro

Encuentro is perfect for all levels and the best and most consistent surf spot the Dominican Republic and probably also of the Caribbean has to offer. Below you will find a map with the different breaks Encuentro offers.

All our guests like that they can walk early to the surf and surf before and after breakfast without using transportation. The best surf you will find in the morning, however there are lot’s of days with good surf all day long.

Coco Pipe – the Dominican pipeline

Powerful and hollow reef break, favors high tide and N & NW swell. Starts working at 3-4 foot and holds big swells. Great powerful wave on good swell. Works left and right, but better and longer on a right. Watch out shallow reef on lower tides

  • Type: barreling
  • Direction: left and right
  • Suitable for: advanced, experts
  • Length of ride: 50-100 meters length
  • Crowds: a normal crowd
  • Localism: not found here
  • Best swell direction: N & NW
  • Best wind direction: all directions
  • Tide: mid-high
  • Hazards: shallow waters, some rips

Bobo’s Point

A series of consistent peaks with an easy take off. Powerful when overhead. Works consistent on the NE swell. Good for beginners, intermediate surfers. Lefts and rights.

La Derecha

The north coast’s most consistent spot. Two peaks outside & inside with lots of waves. A reef that breaks like a point. Good at smaller waves but can handle bigger size. Long right-handers and when good, all the way to the shore.

La Izquierda

A hallow barreling, performance reef break. Two sections that usually connect make this a fairly long wave, also very consistent. Breaks on all swell directions but best on a NW & N swell. Watch out shallow reef at lower tides.

  • Type: barreling
  • Direction: left hand
  • Length of ride: 50-100 meters length
  • Localism: average
  • Best swell direction: NW & N
  • Best wind direction: all directions
  • Tide: mid
  • Hazards: shallow waters, some rips